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Flowermate V8 Digital Multi Temp Vaporizer

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Introducing the all new Flowermate Vapomax V8 premium digital vaporizer, the latest vaporizer from the flowermate series combining the advanced technology of the patented vapormax all baking no combusting heating chambers with full temperature control functions via a digital lcd hud display!

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New Flowermate Vapormax V8 Features

New Super powerful 3x 2000mah li ion internal Batteries, heats up in less than 20 seconds to your temperature of choice, anywhere between 40°C to 230°C (104°F-446°F) with 1°C (or 1°F) increments!

Battery life

The New Vapormax V8 comes complete with powerfull 3x 2000mah li internal Batteries providing excellent battery life and unrivaled performance!

Dry Herbs

The Perfect dry herb vaporizer! the Vapormax V8 is the best solution for dry herbs & tobacco with its advanced temperature control system, Oled Display & temp memory.

Pure Vapor

No combusting , No Burning! The Vapormax V8 perfectly Vaporizes your herbs or tobacco preventing combustion or burning while providing pure clean untainted vapor via the Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece

Quality Guarantee

Rest assured when purchasing direct from vapormax and authorized Distributers that you will recieve only authentic Vapormax sets and recieve quality post sale service and customer support.

The Vapormax V8The Digital Vaping Era has Arrived

The Vapormax V8 is a all new cutting edge Digital Vaporizer , the latest from the award winning vapormax line, upgraded to meet todays advanced vaping demands featuring 3x new internal high capacity 2000mah lithium ion batteries , variable temperature control , storage compartment, retractable premium borosilicate glass mouthpiece , air vents , Oled Hud Display , Temp memory functions and much more! the vapormax is leading the way in portable vaping technology with the worlds most advanced vape features at a fraction of the price of its competitors.

perfect for vapers craving a premium experience and all the cutting edge luxeries offered by the days most advanced herbal vaporizers. The vapormax v8 features the all new memory data function allowing the Vapormax V8 vaporizer to heat automatically and reach the same temperature as the last preferred session temp , simply find your sweet spot and the V8 will remember and deliver! The premium Oled display shows temperature, power and performance settings making the unit a snap to operate and a blast to use. No more waiting arround! The Vapormax V8 heats up in less than 20 seconds to the precise temperature of choice, anywhere between 40°C to 230°C (104°F-446°F) with 1°C (or 1°F) increments. The V8 is the very first portable vaporizer to use three yes THREE 2000 mAh Li-Ion batteries generating an incredible 11 volt and 120 watt output making the V8 more powerful than its closest compeitors costing upwards from $500 and higher! If your in the market for a premium top of the line Herbal Vaporizer it just doesn't get much better than the V8!

Features listSome of the Vapormax V8's most coveted features

  • 3x Internal High Capacity 2000mAh Batteries
  • Premium Quality Build Featuring Oled Hud Display
  • Built in Storage Compartment & Retractable Borosilicate Mouthpiece
  • Multiple Variable Temperatures & Temp Memory Features

What Our Customers are saying

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The best digital vape iv used to date , havent seen anything coming close to the v8 performance even from the volcano or ploom line and the vapormax is less than half the price, Highly impressed so far keep up the great work vapormax!
- Andrew miles
Cant beat the V8, I owned the v5 and v5.0s and was blown away so I decided to give the v8 a try and I have to say they really stepped it up big time! Im loving the new display and memory functions this thing is by far the best vape in its class bar none 5 out of 5!!!
- Paul Watkins

Other testimonials from our Distributers

  • "One of the best premium vaporizers available to date, We told Vapormax what we needed and they Delivered Big Time!!
    via Pier420
  • "All around Premium Vape, You really have to use experience it to truely appriciate the quality , great weight to it , solid build and performs every time;.
    Via Grass City forum
  • "Lovin the New Vapormax V8 design
    Via Instagram
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